Back in Court

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Monique Turenne is charged with the third degree murder of her husband, Maj. David Turenne.

Thursday morning, Turenne was in judge Michael Overstreet's courtroom. The beginning of her defense started with the plea of not guilty. Turenne's husband was beaten to death outside the couple's Forest Park home in 1996.

Her boyfriend, Ralph Crompton, is already serving a life sentence for Turenne's murder. Crompton admitted to fighting with him, but says he did not deliver the final blow killing him.

Monique Turenne returned to Canada shortly after his death and has fought extradition ever since. The Canadian courts ordered Turenne's extradition four years ago when local prosecutors agreed not to try her for the death penalty.

Her arrival was held up because of her appeals to the court's decision. She was first denied a public defender when she returned to Bay County because she was able to post $15,000 bond in Canada, but she says the judicial system is very different there.

"But no money, not one penny is put down at the time. No collateral is given, but should I not show up for court, then we would be responsible for paying that."

Turenne spent the majority of her arraignment discussing her finances with Judge Overstreet. She says she received $128,000 from the Canadian government and a life insurance policy when her husband died, but she cannot touch any of it.

"It's still held in court through the public trustee now, no longer through the executor. It's been taken out for dental care of the kids, emergencies like that. That's been it."

Judge Overstreet said she was entitled to a public defender based on the information she provided, and her pre-trial is now set for March 8.