Frugal Friday Tests Light Bulbs

Most of us really don't think much about which brand of light bulbs we buy. We just want something to light the way and keep us from straining our eyes.

Now there's a bulb that claims to be the best at giving you natural light. The major manufacturers of light bulbs all now offer a true color bulb. It’s light is supposed to be the same as day light.

Good Housekeeping tested these true color brands along with a standard generic to find which shed the most natural eye strain free light in a typical home environment.

How well did these true color bulbs shine from a distance? Good Housekeeping put each into a lamp with a shade and used a light intensity meter to measure the distance.

When measured from a distance of 10 feet Good Housekeeping found all true color brands measured the same, but the generic light bulbs didn’t shine as well, so Good Housekeeping says true color bulbs are the real thing.