Daddy Is a Bank Robber

Was a man who robbed a Panama City Beach bank a criminal, or was he a troubled father trying to feed his child?

That question may arise when Stephen Easly is brought back from Tallahassee to face charges for robbing the Peoples First Branch Bank on Beckrich Road October 6.

Friday morning, Easly entered a plea to robbing a Tallahassee bank and was sentenced to two years and six months in prison. He is also suspected of robbing banks in New Orleans and California.

Easly's five-year-old daughter was apparently in his truck when he committed the robberies. They had come to Florida from Oregon to look for work in the Hurricane Ivan cleanup.

Easley told the Tallahassee court he robbed to get food for his child. The little girl apparently slept in a hammock in the truck. She was apparently asleep while her father robbed the Panama City Beach ban.