FHP Warning

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Florida's highways are more dangerous than ever this year. State Highway Patrol officials say just for January there has been a 40 percent increase in traffic deaths over January of last year.

According to state records in January 2004, 198 people died in traffic crashes. Last month 278 people were killed on the road, and troopers say they know why. Drivers are not being safe.

FHP troopers are out on the roads every day and they say it's scary how many people aren't paying attention to the road when they're driving, but that's not the worst problem.

Trooper Larry Battle says it's aggressive drivers that are causing most of the accidents.

"An aggressive driver weaving in and out of traffic, not only is he a danger to himself and his passenger, but everybody else around him."

Battle says it's difficult to change driver habits, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

Here are some simple steps to keep you from being the aggressor on the road:

  • Allow enough time to get where you're going.
  • Don't speed.
  • Always wear a seat belt and secure children in child safety seats.
  • Don't tailgate.
  • Obey traffic signs.
  • Use turn signals.
  • Be considerate of other drivers on the road.

Troopers say you won't get there any faster by cutting someone off or not letting them in to the flow of traffic.