Near Drowning Panama City Beach

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Panama City Beach - A man nearly drowned out to Panama City Beach, but thanks to helpful beach-goers he survived.

Shortly after 11 this morning, two men spotted a man floating face-down in the water. The men pulled him out of the water and then a woman came over to give him CPR.

In those crucial minutes, the man’s life was saved.

Paramedics arrived, checked him and took him to the hospital for further examination. They say his lungs were filled with water.

As for the woman who gave him CPR, she says it was God who saved his life… not her.

The man is expected to make a full recovery, but these incidents are not rare this time a year.

EMS Director, Corky Young urges beach-goers to “Look at the flags, double red means stay out of the water because it’s deadly. A single red flag means the water could be dangerous and be careful.”

The Panama City Beach Flag Warning System:

Green Flag: Water is calm
Yellow Flag: Use caution for light surf or currents
Red Flag: Strong surf and currents; very high hazard to swimmers
Double Red Flag: Water is closed to public
Purple Flag: Marine life present in water

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