Crime Scene Cleanup

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Some of us choose our jobs because it may have been a childhood dream, but what if it was childhood tragedy that lead you to choose your occupation? Sometimes life experiences can guide our career choices.

Alma Moore realizes that her occupation is a difficult one. Her father took his own life when she was just a teenager.

Alma, a bio-technician, says, "It's not a job that most people would even consider doing. Had not I had a personal tragedy with my father, I probably would have never considered going into this business."

She and her husband Luther have a unique janitorial service. CC&R is not your average carpet cleaners.

"Basically what we do is trauma and crime scene cleanup, and unfortunately it's a sign of the times that there's a need for a service like this."

They've taken on crime scenes from Pensacola to Jacksonville, ridding them of any bio-hazardous materials, blood-borne or otherwise that could be left behind, putting someone at the risk of contracting aids or hepatitis.

Luther Moore says, “There are several trauma crime scene cleanup companies in the state of Florida, but most of them are based down in the southern part of Florida."

CC&R follows strict guidelines imposed by OSHA and the Florida Department of Health when it comes to removing bio-hazardous and biomedical waste.

Luther and Alma both agree it’s not a glamorous job, but somebody has to do it.

In additional to trauma scenes, CC&R also specializes in drug lab cleanup and industrial accidents.