Gulf Pines Hospital in Port St. Joe May Soon Shut Down

Gulf Pines Hospital in Port St. Joe May soon shut down. As for now, the hospital is still open and taking care of patients.

The small hospital has been plagued with money problems for years, and Friday, key hospital personnel turned in their resignations and walked out.

The hospital’s Emergency Room director, Nursing Director Debra Morgan and Hospital Administrator Liz Register, all resigned.

Hubert Steeley owns Gulf Pines Hospital. He tells NewsChannel Seven he walked into a firestorm Friday and doesn’t know what caused it.

He says Ms. Register, the facility’s administrator, told him about a negative follow up visit from a healthcare agency that is considering Gulf Pines’ application to become certified to handle trauma cases.

Steeley says Register then told him of Dr. White’s resignation, as well as Morgan’s and then hers. He says he arrived at the hospital to find the three gone and the keys on his desk.

He says he has the staff to cover for a few days and after that the hospital may have to close its doors. He says Medical Direct Vince Ivers deserved a lot of credit for keeping enough staff around for the weekend.

NewsChannel Seven learned Friday that Gulf Pines Hospital is in default on a $700,000 loan from a firm that holds the lien on the facility and its stock.