Lab Foster Families

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Finding homes for stray or unwanted dogs in Bay County is getting harder by the day.

Earlier this month, the county's contract with the Lynn Haven Animal Shelter expired. Now, the county is building a new shelter. There aren't a lot of options for unwanted pets until the facility is completed.

The local director for a non-profit organization called Labrador Rescue is helping put healthy labs into happy homes through a foster program.

A foster family can take in the dog for anywhere from two weeks to two months until the dog is adopted.

Pattie Googe of Panama City is a survivor. She survived breast cancer and is diagnosed with a neurological disorder. She says she had to change her life, and now her strength is continuing to help others, including Buster, the lab she is now fostering with her family.

"I used to be a massage therapist and I've had to change my life and accept where I am today, so I'm trying to find new ways to make my life happy and worthwhile."

Buster is available for adoption, but there are several other animals as well listed online at There is a strict screening process for foster and adoptive families, but Jessica Summers with the organization says it's well worth the time.

"Our motto is saving labrador retrievers in Florida one dog at a time. That's how we have to take things, just one dog at a time. These dogs just deserve so much more than the cards they've been dealt."