Lawmakers Want to Help With FCAT

Legislation pending at the state Capitol in Tallahassee could give parents a better idea where their children are coming up short on the FCAT.

The bill would allow parents and their children to review questions and answers the student got wrong. The Department of Education has fought similar proposals in the past, saying it would cost too much money to create new questions every year.

Supporters of the bill, like State Rep. Frank Peterman, don't buy the argument.

"We believe that if we have a tool in place that can help academic performance of our children then we ought to use that tool. If it means allowing those kids to see their test scores and see the mistakes they made in order to do better next time, then I think we ought to do that."

Parents have unsuccessfully sued the state in the past to see their children's FCATs.

The legislation still has to get through the House and the Senate and then sent to the governor for his signature.