City Fathers Tackle Three Major Issues in Panama City

Panama City commissioners moved forward on a number of issues Tuesday, one addressing the growing concern over building heights.

City staff has come up with an ordinance that would limit high-rises to 15 stories. The ordinance also includes property setbacks, lines of 25 feet in the front, 30 feet in the back and 10 feet on either side.

It would also allow some exceptions in height if the developer provides things like public access or wider setbacks.

Commissioners will vote on the issue at their next meeting in two weeks.. Commissioners also considered a permanent ban on building permits for new tattoo parlors. The temporary ban currently in place will expire soon.

The proposed ordinance would prevent tattoo shops from being located on major tourists corridors and would have to be located at least a thousand feet from schools, churches and parks. All current tattoo parlors would be grandfathered in, but the ordinance also enforces strict aesthetic qualities for all shops, new or old.

Meanwhile, city leaders also want to make the city a quieter place. They're considering a noise ordinance. In general it would prohibit any loud, jarring or excessive sounds that could cause permanent hearing loss and any sound over 70 decibels.

The 25-page document gets into minute detail about noise coming from cars, radios, TVs, loudspeakers, animals, construction, alarms, and even air conditioners.

Commissioners will take up both the noise and tattoo parlor ordinances at their next meeting.