Congressman Boyd Holds Hearing on Area Health Care

Congressman Allen Boyd wants to use local resources and a little pull in Washington, D.C. to improve health care for Panhandle residents.

The Democrat from Monticello was in Panama City Tuesday night as a part of his two-day health care tour talking to people about their concerns locally.

Bay County's uninsured rate is more than 20 percent, and many at Tuesday night’s Town Hall meeting say there's not enough programs or clinics to handle them all.

Boyd says Washington doesn't have enough money to do it all and Panhandle residents are going to have to be more creative and use existing resources.

"Your hospitals, your clinics, your health centers both public and private, we're going to try and match up the resources here with the problems that exists."

Boyd says he will also fight for more Medicare and Medicaid funding on Capitol Hill.

Hearings on Tuesday were held in Marianna, Port. St. Joe and Panama City.