Michael York Meets With Local Theater Students

He's spent the last 40 years of his life on stage and in front of the camera. This week, well-known actor Michael York sat down with some local young actors to answer their questions about life in the spotlight.

Michael York's acting career began with the similar love for the theater as every student in the crowd at Bay High School to hear him speak. One of his more recent roles teamed him up as Austin Power's supervisor in all three of the smash hits.

"When do I begin?"
"Immediately, you'll be working with Ms. Kensington."

The students were most interested in hearing about York's passion in acting and how he's survived a lifelong career in acting and still remains successful.

Every student in the room is part of Bay High's Magnet Program for The Performing Arts. Each one hopes to one day work in the industry.

York repeatedly told the students they had to get used to failure and making mistakes because some of the greatest hits start out as a rejection.

"Learn that you have to make mistakes. Fail, if you like, that's important. Screw up because you learn so much more from that than from so-called success."

York clearly held each student's attention throughout the discussion. Before he was done, he offered the advice saying if any of them aspired to become celebrities, they needed roots of experience to ensure their career too would be long lasting.

York will present, "Will and I," Wednesday night at the Amelia Center theatre at Gulf Coast Community College at 8 o'clock. Tickets are available through Florida State University bookstore or at the door.