Thirteen Arrests in Panama City Police C.A.S.E. Detail

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PANAMA CITY-- Thirteen people were arrested in Panama City Thursday night. Their charges range from having active warrants to drug possession.

The more than dozen people arrested are facing charges, and it's all because of a routine operation by Panama City police.

Periodically the department conducts Crime Analysis Strategic Enforcement, better known as "C.A.S.E." details. The police use crime statistics to target various locations all over Panama City that have a lot of crime.

"We create a case detail and what we do is then put in extra resources man power and vehicles to hit these specific areas to combat the crime that's going on there," said Officer Richard Thore of Panama City Police Department.

The arrests included five people suspected of drug activity, five traffic offenses while driving on a suspended license, and three people were busted for having outstanding warrants.

Police did not specify which areas they targeted, but said they were scattered throughout the city. They also plan to do more C.A.S.E. details in the future.

Officer Thore stresses this is a routine procedure and is not related to any of the recent violence in Panama City.