Washington County Contract

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The status of Washington County's administrator is raising some eyebrows.

In their regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, the Washington County commissioners voted 4 to 1 to discard all the actions of the November 12 meeting where outgoing commissioners proposed a five-year contract for county administrator Peter Herbert.

The action caused concern because the position of county administrator had never called for a contact in the past.

Outgoing commissioners stated that they were only looking out for Mr. Herbert’s best interest, but after Thursday’s meeting it was clear that not all of the current commissioners support that action.

Ronnie Finch of the Washington County Commission District 5, says, "We didn't feel like a five-year contract was appropriate and especially since we had two incoming commissioners that had no voice at all in the contract and they certainly 'otta have the option of reviewing Mr. Herbert."

The commissioners say they have offered the county administrator a one-year contract instead. If he does agree to the terms he'll be the only county employee with a contract.