Washington County Road Closures

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Things are heating up for Thursday night's public hearing regarding some road closures in Washington County. County officials have been left with no choice to do something about the excess dumping along some back roads in Washington County.

Leonard Dean's very familiar with the roads because he grew up here.

Leonard says, "It's been here for many years and most of it is coming from out of town."

He's talking about the illegal dumping that happens on the back roads just of off Highway 79 in southern Washington County, and in many ways could force the hand of county commissioners.

Jerry Sapp, Washington County Commissioner, says, "Whether it good or bad, Washington County does not need to be littered up with this kind of garbage. I mean, it's just sickening to me as a county commissioner to see this happen."

That's why to keep a lawsuit out of court, the county's considering abandoning the maintenance on the roads, allowing the land owner to close them. Dean sees it another way.

"They just need to let the wildlife and game and the law enforcement do their jobs to catch the people doing the illegal dumping."

Many in this community side with Dean, saying the road closures would be an inconvenience for everybody.

Christine Jackson, a concerned citizen, says, "If they close it off, if one happens to go out and mess up with all the mud and stuff, we won't have any other way or we would go all the way around."

If the roads were to close, the county plans to explore ways to widen and possibly pave others in this community. Washington County will hold a public hearing Thursday night to come to a conclusion on the issue.