Growth in DeFuniak

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Fred Rutland moved to a brand new DeFuniak Springs neighborhood 18 months ago and he's part of a growing trend.

Fred says, “Talk to most of the neighbors here and most of them are from Destin and Bluewater. They moved here for the same reason I did, peace and quiet.”

But that peace and quiet is being replaced with the sound of nails and hammers, otherwise known as growth.

Larry Laird, Building and Planning Director, says, “Well, I think everyone has seen the southland. What has happened in the south portion of the county and you can see it has moved into the Freeport area, and the Freeport area is beginning to grow and fill up and now it is upon us here.”

Right now 15 different subdivisions ranging from 50 to 200 lots are in various stages of development.

Why DeFuniak? The land is cheaper than in South Walton and available. City officials are all for new development but also hope to maintain the city's character as does Fred.

“We're concerned that it might get to crowded, but I guess that's the chance you take with suburban sprawl.”

Frank is hoping the homes to come won't disrupt his little slice of heaven.