New Mom Etiquette

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A mother with a child is a magnet for people who want to give advice. In this Family First report, Donna Bell guides you through those sticky situations with people who have opinions on how you're raising your kids.

A baby's world is all brand new and your world with baby will be filled with firsts too, including learning to handle relatives, friends and even strangers who want to chime in with child-rearing advice.

Mary Ann Galgano, a mom, says, "I've been surprised at how much advice I get even from complete strangers.”

Parenting Magazine has the new mom's etiquette guide to help ease you through some awkward situations. Top on many moms' lists, what to do when a family member is too permissive.

Janet Chan of Parenting Magazine says, “When in your opinion you think that a family member is being to permissive you first want to think about is it a safety issue, is it serious, or is it something minor? And if it isn't a safety issue maybe you just want to realize you want to pick your battles and I'm going to let this one go.”

If you are concerned about well-intentioned but germy hands in your home, then have the baby in your arms before guests arrive. They will need to ask your permission to hold her and you can politely ask that they wash their hands first.

How we deal with people coming over: We want them to wash their hands so we keep some Purell right by the door.

A new baby seems to attract strangers like a magnet. Wearing your baby close in a carrier or keeping her car seat covered discourages most of the curious, and remember, when going out in public, people are going to want to touch the baby, it’s just human nature. Just ask them to wash their hands first or have instant hand sanitizer on hand before they get too close.