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Every Sunday night we will be featuring several dangerous items that you may find in your home.

This week's recall list is filled with children's products. From toys to clothing, take a look. We begin with denim jumper sets. They were made by His International and sold exclusively at K-Mart for about $13, but they're being called dangerous because the paint on the buttons contains excessive lead levels, posing a lead poisoning hazard to young children.

If you have this jumper, return it to K-Mart for a refund. Also, Giftco is recalling the Winnie the Pooh Baby Plate Set. Over 26,000 of the cute dishware sets are being called dangerous because the plastic fork prongs can break and choke a child. There have been three reports of children choking on the prongs.

And finally, 54,000 cute baby toys are on the danger list. The Reef Rocker infant toys are being called dangerous because the seam on the plastic balls can separate, releasing the small toy inside and posing a choking hazard to young children. They were sold at Wal-Mart stores for between $8 and $10.

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