Ho, Ho, Ho!

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A local woman is doing her best to tell everyone that, yes, there is a Santa Claus. There are big ones and loud ones, some dance while others watch.

Almost 1,000 Santas decorate Raye Apple's home on Panama City Beach. Apple says she started collecting the old St. Nick 16 years ago and spends almost three weeks decorating. Then when she's all done, she invites her friends and neighbors over for a holiday party.

Apple says her husband's job required them to move a lot, so this helped forge new friendships with each move.

"No family, everything was done long distance, so I started collecting Santa Clauses and wanted to share them with the neighbors and friends depending on where we were living and we would have a holiday party, so it kind of drew from that and it's snowballed for about 16 years now."

Apple says she always believed the spirit of Christmas is often forgotten with all the hustle and bustle, but that Santa Claus is a reminder that this is a season of giving.