Parking Problems

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So what kind of mall parker are you? A Connecticut insurance company says there are some who will drive around all day until they find that perfect spot at the front. They won’t park in the back because they either can't or don't feel like walking. They're called search and destroyers. And while they do their thing, lay and wait parkers will stop in the aisle waiting for a spot to open up.

"If a person is leaving, I'll wait for them, but if they're just getting they're bags in their car, I won't stand there and wait for them to leave because I feel like I'm pressuring them to leave."

Those are your stalkers. Considered predators of the parking lot, they'll even follow shoppers taking bags back to their car.

“I am a stalker. I'm a professional shopper as well. I'm out here all the time."

“Sometimes that's what you have to do. [It’s] the only way to get a spot.

The study says shoppers who take the first spot they see could make out the best this holiday season. They are generally less stressed, and they could save the most time because the sooner you park, the sooner you can get out and shop.