DCF House

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Habilitative Services of North Florida runs several visiting centers for parents and children that are separated for any legal issue to have supervised visits. But one parent in Marianna says that their facility is unacceptable.

The visiting center used by the Department of Children and Family has one parent concerned about its conditions. That parent submitted a video to news Channel-7.

When asked about the hole in the roof and the sanitation of the bathroom, this is what the Community Facilitator had to say.

"I have been through the facility before and have seen no evidence of water leaks. I know the video; it was showing some tile was discolored, but that could have been old water leaks."

But one employee told us off camera that the roof does leak and is simply remedied by a bucket.

"Because the property is not owned by the provider, we will be talking to the property owner about fixing the issues."

Officials here at this visitation center say the images in the video are accurate but in no way do they pose a threat to the children or the parents that visit them.

"As long as it's cosmetic and not a safety issue, it's never an immediate issue especially on loaned property."

They also say priorities must be set when working with a limited budget.

"There is never enough funding for Children Welfare Services and that's not a complaint against the state of Florida; it's not against Family Services. It just a reality of the field we work in.

Despite these images Habilitative Services of North Florida say they have never taken any formal complaints.

Habilitative Services of North Florida has four facilities that are donated by private organizations in the Jackson, Washington, Holmes and Calhoun County areas.