Local Snow Anniversary

It's only the second day of winter and it could be that Ol’ Man Winter is lying low just around the corner.

Wednesday is an important anniversary for the weather in northwest Florida. It was 15 years ago, December 22, 1989, when it last snowed in the Panhandle. The area was covered as flurries and ice pellets came down.

Snow began falling late that Friday afternoon and before it was over an average inch and a half was on the ground.

Sleet and snow combined with rapidly dropping temperatures made all roads and bridges around northwest Florida begin to ice over very quickly.

Florida Department of Transportation crews poured tons of sand on the old Hathaway Bridge to make it passable again.

Most roads were a sheet of ice and it stayed below freezing until Christmas day, 1989.

The unusual snow storm saw flurries falling as far south in the state as Sarasota 15 years ago to the date.

Forecasts say there is a possibility the same thing could happen again this coming Friday night, Christmas Eve. It’s not a sure thing yet, but they say it’s starting to look like a snow possibility here at the end of the week.