For the First Time in Eight Years, Monique Turenne Is Back in Panama City

Almost nine years after her husband's murder, Monique Turenne is back in Bay County to face trial.

The Winnipeg, Canada woman was booked into the Bay County Jail shortly after 1:30 Wednesday afternoon after being extradited from Canada.

She had staged an eight-year-long legal battle against being returned here for trial.

Her husband, Canadian Air Force Maj. David Turenne, was beaten and bludgeoned to death in February of 1996 outside the couples Forest Park home.

Turenne's lover, Ralph Crompton, is serving life in prison for his part in the slaying.

He admits he fought with the victim, but says Turenne was still alive when he left. Crompton claims it was Monique who finished off her husband with a claw hammer.

She’s now in the Bay County Jail in Panama City. The state had to agree not to seek the death penalty in order for Canadian authorities to cooperate with her extradition.