Bay - Jackson Name Top Teachers

It's one of the most important jobs in our society, and Thursday night two area school districts honored some of the best in the profession.

Rutherford High School history teacher Beth Weintraub was selected from 39 nominees as Bay County's Teacher of the Year.

Thursday’s annual banquet and awards ceremony took place at the Bay Point Marriott.

Weintraub receives a number of prizes, including cash honoraria and a vacation cruise. She'll also represent Bay County in the Florida Teacher of the Year ceremonies in Orlando later this year.

The News Herald sponsors the local event each year, and Weintraub says she's thrilled to have won.

“I'm excited and honored, and as I told them tonight, I'll do my very best to live up to the very high standards and expectations that they have. I'm just beyond belief excited."

Meanwhile, Jackson County also picked its Teacher of The Year Thursday.

Joann Parish, a math teacher from Sneads High School, is taking home the honor this year. She's been teaching for 28 years, 14 of those at Grand Ridge High School before moving to Sneads for the last 14 years.

The Jackson County school system is her home. Ms. Parish graduated from Sneads High School in 1974. She likes to think of herself as a teacher of teachers.