Making Health a Habit

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So what's your New Year's resolution? Plan to head to a gym? Not a bad choice, but sometimes you could be making an unwise financial commitment.

Marco Cooper, World Gym owner, says, "Well, everyday there is a gym shutting down in Florida for whatever reason; financial, overhead, improper management.

And when the gym shuts down, it could mean good bye to your money. So how do you protect yourself? Marco Cooper, who runs World's Gym on Front Beach Road, has some tips.

"What you want to do when you join a club is first of all ask them questions, how they've been in business, what is their database as far as how many members they have and look at the appearance of the gym. See if it’s well kept.”

He also suggests getting on a monthly payment plan. That way if the gym shuts down, so do your payments, and you can look for another club.

The main thing you want to do is check and make sure the gym is registered with the state of Florida. That way you stand a better chance of getting your money back or a new place close by to workout in case your current gym doesn't.

You can check to see if a gym is registered by calling the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service's help line at 1-800-HELPFLA (435-7352).