Hostage Takeover Reports Released

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Sheriff's negotiators had to make some tough choices as the 12-hour hostage situation quickly deteriorated.

SWAT Team members ended the standoff using force. They shot two of the inmates and unintentionally wounded one of the hostages.

The sheriff's critical incident review board now says their personnel made the right choice, concluding none of them violated any Sheriff's Office policies.

Bay County's jail program manager, Roger Hagan, has released a separate report taking a look at what caused the situation. He has a different take on the Corrections Corporation of America Report, which blamed a faulty cell door lock.

Hagan says the inmate takeover could have been prevented if Corrections Ofc. James Hall had followed CCA policy.

"Obviously, maintenance wasn't up to par in terms of maintaining the door, but regardless of the condition of the door the fact that multiple inmates had access probably lead to the situation," says Roger Hagan.

CCA has fired Ofc. Hall. Hagan's report also recommends CCA increase staff, install video cameras throughout the jail, correct maintenance issue within 24 hours and crack down on employees who violate policy.

CCA officials seem eager to comply.

"It's always great to have an additional set of eyes looking at your operation. Making recommendations to better the facility," says jail warden Kevin Watson.

Watson says he's already acted on some of the recommendations, like hiring a maintenance manager and re-evaluating jail staffing.

CCA is reportedly looking into installing cameras and increasing staff.