New Year's Eve DUI Checkpoints

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Three out of every 10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol related motor vehicle crash during their lifetime, and if you plan on driving this weekend, your chances increase dramatically.

Now, some local and state businesses and law enforcement agencies are trying to crack down on drunk drivers this New Year's Eve.

The crackdown begins this Friday. If you plan to drink New Year's Eve, law enforcement officials urge you not to get behind the wheel.

The Florida Highway Patrol, Bay County Sheriff's Office, and Lynn Haven Police are setting up a sobriety checkpoint. The roadside safety checkpoint in Bay County will be located on Highway 77 near 26th Street in Lynn Haven.

Your holiday weekend can be a safe one with the help of some local and state towing companies. AAA is soliciting the help of Gainer's Towing out of Sneads and Panama City to give those who have had one too many a safe ride home this New Year's Eve.

"Give us a call day or night, any time. It don't matter what, we'll come and get you," says Mark Smith, a Gainer's tow truck operator.

Another Bay County towing company has changed its name, but continues its 20-year family tradition this New Year's Eve. "Spud" White and drivers from his new company, Aztec Towing, are also giving free rides home.

"I believe it was in '82 we went to a real bad accident where a small child was killed. The father was killed; the mother was trapped in a vehicle. When I came back I told my father we had to do something about this, and we started the program," says Richard "Spud" White.

The number to call for AAA’s Tow To Go is 1-800-222-4357. Aztec Towing is 886-TOWS.

Last year more than 1,200 drivers used the statewide Tow To Go service. Both companies will also tow a car or truck for free if the driver doesn't want to leave their vehicle.