Dangerous Intersection

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It's known as the deadliest intersection on Panama City Beach: Beckrich and Back Beach Road. Sunday it almost claimed another life. Now, the victim's family is calling for change.

The intersection has claimed a half-dozen lives in almost as many years. Now, the family of one man struggling to learn how to walk again is asking for something to be done.

Sunday night 62-year-old Gary Fitzwater was taken from the accident in critical condition. He's now recovering at Healthsouth, but his wife Janice wants her husband to be the last person hurt at Beckrich and Back Beach Roads.

Currently traffic turning left onto Beckrich has a green arrow that turns into a green light when eastbound traffic starts to go.

Janice says, "My husband is one of the lucky ones, but who's going to be the next one that's not? So, I'm on a campaign to get just a red light in that turning lane going left onto Beckrich."

Tommie Speights of the Department of Transportation says, "As you know now, in order to turn left there at that signal you can either turn on the arrow or you can turn when the signal is green. What you'll have is a red ball that comes up at the signal itself, which will indicate you are not supposed to turn left there at the intersection."

Speights says the Department of Transportation has been looking into the dangerous intersection for the past few months. He says the red left turn light will go in later this year.