Former Police Officer Arrested for Prostitution Solicitation

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An former Panama City Beach police officer is finding himself on the other side of the law after being arrested for allegedly picking up a prostitute.

41-year old Marshall Thornton was released from the Bay County Jail Friday and pleaded no contest to the second degree misdemeanor.

According to the arrest report, a Bay County Sheriff's deputy witnessed Thornton pick up and quickly drop off 37 year old Lisa Madison on Highway 231 Wednesday afternoon.

Madison had been seen walking down the road flaunting a sports bra and capris when she was approached by thornton, who allegedly exposed himself when he offered her a ride and asked if she was "working".

Thornton reportedly flashed his police badge when a deputy pulled him over shortly after dropping the prostitute off. Both Thornton and Madison were arrested on the spot.

Thornton claims he was just giving Madison a ride because it was raining but made her get out of his truck as soon as he realized she was a prostitute.

Thornton joined the Panama City Beach Police Department in 2008 but was placed on inactive reserve after he resigned in February following a knee injury. He has since been officially fired.

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