Vacations Top Consumer Complaints

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Florida’s summer of hurricanes appears to have played a role in the top consumer complaints this year.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services released its top 10 list of complaints for 2004, and disrupted vacation and travel plans topped the list.

Department spokeswoman Liz Compton said price gouging also made the list for the first time.

“We know the hurricanes influenced the complaint list first because of the potential problems with travel and it being number one on the list, but also price gouging complaints haven’t been on the list since I can remember and that is number three now. So clearly because of the hurricanes and the fact that the price gouging law kicks in when an emergency is declared, the price gouging complaints poured in.”

The “Do-Not-Call” list dropped to number two after holding the top spot for the last several years.

Other complaints on the list included motor vehicle repairs, construction problems and banking issues.