Crestview National Guard Gets a Hero’s Welcome at Home

Every man and woman assigned to the Crestview National Guard’s Signal Company has made it safely home from Iraq.

The Guardsmen got a hero’s welcome as a large delegation from the Crestview community turned out to welcome them home Friday evening.

For over a year they made sure military commanders in Iraq had communications with the troops in the field, but this weekend they are communicating face to face with their families.

Eighty eight soldiers who call the Panhandle their home returned to the arms of their loves ones, unharmed by 13 months of war.

The area troops worked out of five different camps in south central Iraq providing a virtual lifeline for the troops in the field.

While they were there the Crestview Guardsmen raised $23,000 to refurbish a school and extend water lines to an Iraqi village.

Cong. Jeff Miller was on hand at the armory as the caravan of busses rolled in.

“We are all so very proud of them. They went over there and did the job the President of the United States asked them to do. That makes us all proud.”

This wasn’t your typical group of combat soldiers. They ranged in age from 18 to 60. They did their job and they did it well.

CWO Durance Britt, at the age of 60, is the oldest member of the 653rd Signal Company.

“ I am the oldest. I am the grandfather, but right now I feel like a teenager.”