Growth in Freeport

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Just behind City Hall in the small town of Freeport lies something city officials are very proud of.

Mayor Mickey Marse says, “We got a big old pool back there. It’s pretty Olympic size to be exact, which means swim meets, water aerobics and a new place to learn how to swim. All of us had to learn how to swim in the creeks. I learned in Four-Mile Creek. Creeks are now getting so bad you don't want to swim.”

Walton County will maintain the facility and provide lifeguards, but the pool is only one part of big changes on the horizon for Freeport.

City officials plan to develop a new 65-acre park just down County Road 83A. An expansion of the sewer system is on the way and plans for a new city hall are beginning to take shape, but with all the growth, Mayor Mickey Marse is challenged with balancing needed improvements with the city's treasured history.

“I do hope that through all this development, we can guide it through all this development, we can guide it through and not lose its identity. That’s very important to me and my whole council. That's what we're trying to do.”

He assures us that Freeport won’t lose its character anytime soon, but the days of learning to swim in a creek may be long gone.