Eglin AFB May Not Be Testing Bombs in Taylor County

Eglin Air Force Base has suffered a setback in its plans to build a weapons testing range near Perry in Taylor County, which is southeast of Tallahassee.

Niceville businessman Stephen Alford and his group called “ The Forestry Company” have dropped plans to buy 543,000 acres in Taylor County.

Alford was hoping to trade about 64,000 acres of that land from Foley Land and Timber Company to the Air Force for Beach Front Property Eglin Air Force Base owns at Ft. Walton Beach.

The Air Force is running out of space near Eglin and is considering a second bomb testing range in Florida’s Big Bend area, but there has been very vocal opposition to the project.

In November of last year, about 75 percent of Taylor County’s voters opposed the Air Force plans in a straw ballot.

The Air Force says it wants to work with the residents, but doesn’t need their position to buy the land.