Donate to Tsunami Victims

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Relief is pouring in from all over the world, including from Bay County. The United Way of Northwest Florida and the Central Panhandle Chapter of the American Red Cross are both collecting relief money.

The United Way is taking donations for both immediate relief and for long-term infrastructure repair.

Red Cross is collecting money that will be distributed by the international organization. Both agencies say money is critical to the effort.

"Rather than us sitting over here half a world away and wondering what they need, you can give money very easily, and money will get to the people who are on the scene who know what the real needs are. They'll be able to use it where it's most needed," says Ed Richards, Northwest Florida United Way President.

"I think the American people are giving people, so I think they'll probably will contribute to this disaster just like they contributed to our hurricanes," says Randall Josey of the Panhandle Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Donations are tax deductible.

To donate, send a check or your credit card information to the United Way at P.O. Box 586, Panama City, Florida, 32402, or the Red Cross at 430 East 15th Street, Panama City, 32405, and you can call in donations to the Red Cross at 1-800-HELP-NOW.