Bense Blocks Traffic Cameras

Florida’s speaker of the House of Representatives says there is no way he will let a proposed bill to install cameras at red lights pass the house on his watch.

State Rep. Allan Bense of Panama City commented on a proposed bill from two Republican lawmakers to use the cameras to catch red light runners.

Speaker Bense says he thinks the cameras are all about ways to make money, not saving lives, and he says it’s too much like Big Brother is watching you.

Bense told NewsChannel Seven, “ You put cameras at one street and they do real well. Them you put them at the next intersection and they do well. They become ‘cash cows’ for cities and counties. Then maybe jaywalking is getting pretty bad, so we put up more red lights and cameras and we issue even more tickets. I think it is just more government intrusion into our daily lives.”

Florida bans the use of cameras at traffic intersections, but they are allowed in 19 other states.

Bense promises, “ I hate it. It will not go through the Florida House while I am here.”