One person arrested in Sunday Night Stabbing

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Panama City Police have arrested a local woman and charged her with manslaughter in the stabbing death of her live in boyfriend on Friendship Ave in St. Andrew late Sunday night.

Jailed Monday night was 29 year old Rotesia Lavette Bryant.

Police say she is accused of stabbbing Harold Eugene Carter around 10 PM Sunday night at their home in the 1600 block of Friendship Ave.

She was originally quested by detectives and allowed to leave. As the investigation continued and more information was developed she was formally charged with Manslaughter.

Panama City - Panama City Police are also still looking for the suspect in another murder case. This one happened around 10:00 Sunday night in the 1600 block of Friendship Avenue. Authorities have released the name of the victim, who died within a few hours of the stabbing.

He is 35 year old Harold Eugene Carter, but police are still sorting out the details of what led to Carter's death. Panama City Police Department say a woman called 9-1-1 Sunday night, saying an injured man showed up at her home. When officers arrived they found 35 year old Harold Eugene Carter suffering from a stab wound.

Duplex landlord Fred Wester says he barely knows his tenant who called police. She's only lived in the duplex for three months.

"When they pay their rent on time I like them," said Wester.

And Wester says he doesn't know anything about Carter.

"I guess he was just a visitor. If you asked me to describe the guy I couldn't even do that," said Wester.

When Wester came to check on his tenets he didn't find them. What he did find we're traces of blood right outside the door.

"When I went there this morning I saw blood at the back door, so I’m assuming that it happened there," said Wester.

Wester says he's asked police about what took place on his property, but they wouldn't say.

"I think I have the right to know its my house," said Wester.

Panama City Police are still giving very little information, refusing our requests for an interview Monday.

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