Moving Through

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Construction is set to begin Monday on the last stretch the highway left to be transformed into four lanes.

Crews will start work on the 2.6 mile stretch from the Bailey bridge through Southport Monday.

The improvement project will include bike lanes and sidewalks along with drainage upgrades as well, but getting ready for the construction started months ago for many homeowners and businesses needing to move back from the roadway.

Ralph Lewis is a member of the American Legion located off the highway. He says they had to move part of the building to make way for traffic.

"We had a room right over here that stuck out, so we had to tear it down and redo the front of the building and the end of the building, and that's basically all we had to do."

While many are ready for traffic relief to the area, local law enforcement encourages everyone to drive safely through the construction.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office says the speed limit is 45 miles per hour at all times throughout the 13-mile construction zone.