Stolen Property Found

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Investigators say they recovered all of these items during a search of a Vicksburg home late last week: they found rifles, lawnmowers, golf clubs, televisions and a meth lab.

Apparently someone tipped them of about the possible burglary that's been in operation for a year.

They arrested a husband and wife, 34-year-old Thomas Gaylord and 33-year-old Lori Gaylord.

Investigators believe the couple had been burglarizing homes all over Bay County, using a "lawn care" service as cover.

Lt. Steve Harbuck of the Bay County Sheriff's Office says, "He would be in a neighborhood and go and knock on a door and ask if they need lawn care service. If no one was home, he would then break into the home or into the garage or the storage building or whatever."

Authorities charged the Gaylord’s with a number of counts, including child neglect, after finding their two children inside of a home with a meth lab.

If you were burglarized in the last year, you can call the Bay County Sheriff's Office to see if of the recovered property belongs to you.