Eyewitness to Tsunami Devastation

A Bonifay woman says the people in southern Asia need more help desperately. In fact, she says they need everything.

Martha Howell should know; she just arrived back in the United States Monday after visiting her husband who works in Malaysia.

We caught up with her at the Panama City Airport Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Howell says she was in Malaysia celebrating Christmas with her husband when the powerful tsunami hit. They were on the other side of the island when disaster struck, and that's why they survived.

She says the biggest helper by far is the United States and Christian churches are jumping in distributing rice and water which is in short supply. She says the devastation is so great, bodies are now having to be burned to keep disease and smell down.

Howell's husband is still in Malaysia. She says she'll probably head back there in March, ready to lend a hand where it might be needed.