Making Limits

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The county commissioners got the ball rolling to expand zoning regulations for a seasonal resort. The plan is to increase season resort to allow SR-1-A.

The zoning would allow a mix between residential, commercial and a seasonal resort. The height limit would not exceed 100 feet and would allow a conditional use for a parking garage less than 45 feet.

Andy Gothard, a local business owner, says it's time to make some decisions.

"We're still voting on seasonal resort? It is not settled. Somewhere along the way here we've got to settle on this."

Chairman George Gainer pointed out this is just the first step to create the SR-1-A zoning. This now goes to the planning commission for their tweaking and approval.

"All we're doing is creating a new zoning, so that we can, if we find it necessary or appropriate, to designate a particular area 100.”

After it goes through the planning commission, this would have to go back to the County Commission for a public hearing and their approval.