Buffalo Being Raised Near Bonifay

Many of us enjoy an occasional hamburger or a nice juicy steak, but others avoid red meat, sometimes for health reasons.

There’s a healthy alternative to the porterhouse that's available in the Panhandle. It’s seventy percent less fat, 50 percent less cholesterol and 30 percent more protein than traditional beef. It's a wonder that buffalo meat hasn't caught on sooner.

Buffalo Rancher Duane Johnson touts the benefits.

"Doctors will tell people who have had bypass surgery to stay away from red meat with the exception of Buffalo."

Johnson currently runs a buffalo ranch in near Bonifay in Holmes County.

"I got interested in these things up in the Dakotas, something I planned on doing on retirement in 98."

He says they're less work than tending traditional cattle.

"They're content, they jump in the lakes and go swimming, roam all the property and I expecting to see some calves any time now. They're three years old. It's time for them to start calving."

In many ways buffalo is considered to be a health food because it has less cholesterol than chicken with the skin removed or even some fish and it's perfect for that person on a restricted red meat diet.

TV mogul Ted Turner has caught on to buffalo meat. He owns more than 30,000 buffalo and even has restaurants called Ted's Montana Grill specializing in buffalo meat.