KidCare Applications Available Locally

Lawmakers are hoping to make good on their promise to offer affordable health care for needy kids in our state.

So they have cut through the red tape for parents trying to sign their children up for KidCare, but unfortunately, bureaucratic backlog may cause problems for applicants this time as well.

Sharon Owens is the Executive Director for Healthy Start in Bay, Gulf and Franklin Counties. She says even though open enrollment started January 1, area organizations just Wednesday received the new application forms and didn't get enough of them.

The good news is once you get an application it is easier to apply this time around. Parents hoping to get their kids covered only need one document to verify income. It used to be three and it was a paperwork nightmare, but all that has changed this time around.

The Bay County Health Department and Early Education and Care both have the new applications, or you can print one out from the KidCare website at: