Young Deer Hunter

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Some little girls like to spend their time cheerleading or playing soccer, softball or volleyball. Not so for a Jackson County eight-year-old whose idea of recreation is a day in the woods with her dad.

Newschannel 7's Jason Davis tells us about the young deer hunter and her first big hunting milestone.

It may not be an official record, but you can sure make a case that Jackson County has the world's youngest deer hunter.

"Were gonna’ mount him on a plaque and pit him in my poppa's office."

That's what Ashtin McMullian plans to do with her first deer. This eight-year-old who's been hunting with her dad since she was three says kids in the city don't know what they’re missing.

Ashtin says, "It's very exciting when you first pull the trigger and you know that you've got it. You can do a lot of things like this out here that you can't do anywhere else.”

Her father, Greg McMullian, says their hunting trips are used to teach life lessons.

Greg says, "She knows when she pulls that trigger you can't take that bullet back. She knows gun safety. Teaching her that, I believe if a kid is taught that it sticks with them through their life."

Ashtin says she plans to hunt for many years to come.

"It's something for fun and probably, yeah, I'll grow up and be into it more and just hang out and go hunting."

Her first one was a three point buck, but as she looks at her dad's mantle, this hunter it setting her goals high.

Deer season runs through February 15. Ashtin says she's looking forward to turkey hunting season, which starts in the spring.