Raptor Back in the Sky

The F/A-22 Raptor program resumed flight operations at Tyndall Air Force Base Thursday.

All F/A-22 flying operations were suspended as a precautionary measure following a December 20 crash at Nellis AFB, Nev.

A safety investigation board and accident investigation board were convened to determine the exact cause of the crash and are ongoing.

Based on preliminary findings, senior Air Force leaders at each command operating the F/A-22 are confident the Raptor can be flown and operated safely.

Brig. Gen. Jack Egginton, 325th Fighter Wing commander at Tyndall he agreed with the plan to put the F/A 22 back in flight.

"We have confidence in our current flying procedures, and any lessons learned from the Nellis incident will be applied to the F/A-22 program here at Tyndall AFB."

A full and complete report of the F/A-22 mishap will be released to the public at the conclusion of the accident investigation board.