You Can Find Everything at Panama Java, Including a Meth Lab

Bay County sheriff's investigators busted another meth lab Wednesday night and you'll be surprised to hear where this one was found.

The Bay County Methamphetamine Drug Unit has wrapped up the largest meth bust in local history. The lab was located in the basement of a Harrison Ave business, downtown.

Officers say they found over $850,000 worth of meth oil in the basement of the Panama Java Coffee Shop and an adjacent business, Illusions, in the 200 block of Harrison. They discovered the lab after arresting the business owner's husband, 32-year-old Jeffery Allan Frye.

Authorities say Frye was actually cooking Meth in the basement of the business. They seized a number of the cooking components as well as a bucket of finished Meth oil.

Ruth Sasser is the Public Information Officers for the Sheriff’s Office and says, "and we found over 11,000 milliliters, which if the person had dried it out it would have been about 18 pounds of methamphetamine, which is one of the largest, if not the largest busts we've done."

Authorities say Frye was able to mask the distinctive smell of the cooking process, due to the coffee and the neighboring business, a gift shop called "Illusions” where customers can paint and "fire" pottery.

Frye's being held in the Bay County Jail on a number of charges including possession and trafficking.

Both Panama Java and Illusions remain open for business.