What's in a Name?

The BTK killer may be in jail 1,000 miles away, but the national news media and even Wichita residents have traced him back here to Panama City Beach.

Dennis Rader lives here in Panama City Beach and he's not happy about all the bad publicity.

There’s a very unusual coincidence between BTK and a well-known local man.

Dennis Rader is in jail charged with 10 murders. The name alone sent shockwaves through this music family.

Dennis Rader is part of the famous Rader Family, which operates The Ocean Opry County Music Show at the Beach. Dennis is not only known for his singing, but also is known for his comedic interludes during family performances at Ocean Opry.

But now he was being called a serial killer.

"It was shock, surprise. It feels strange to hear my name said to me by the national news reporters, hearing my name said, spoken and printed with such an event."

He says he couldn't even kill a fly, but Rader soon found out he had a lot more in common with BTK than he would like to admit. Obviously this Dennis Rader has no relation to the one in Kansas.

Dennis told NewsChannel Seven, "The strangest part of the coincidence is we lived there in Wichita at the time. I was doing delivery for my dad's vacuum business at the time the Otera murders happened. I remember having to detour around the crime scene driving through that part of town."

And that's not all. Dennis Rader, the murder suspect, was president of his Lutheran church.

The Panama City Dennis Rader is also a leader at his church and serves as a music minister at Gulf Beach Baptist.

For one year both men attended Wichita State University, but Rader says he never met the man we now know as BTK. He says it's all just an "eerie coincidence."

Dennis Rader here is not related to The BTK Dennis Rader, but he says they also both have grandfathers who were well-known country fiddlers.