Tourney Impact

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Marianna is preparing for a few more visitors, about 3,000 more.

Basketball dunks equal big dollars when your talking about Marianna. The state junior college basketball tourney brings more than just hoops to Marianna.

Christi Cox, a hotel manager, says, "It's real good for everybody's occupancy, so all the area businesses should be busy next week."

Dr. Gene Prough, the Chipola College president, says, "It's very good for our economic development. It brings in money to each and everyone of the entrepreneurs that are around the Jackson County area."

Art Kimbrough, Jackson County COC president, says, "Were bringing in just the players and their staffs over 500 people, and when you bring in families and support, the number are going to well over 3000 people that will be here."

When 3,000 people visit this area, book every hotel room and visit every restaurant they have to offer, it equals to about a quarter of a million dollars in revenue in just one week.

"This group pretty much blocks up all the motel rooms for this period of time while they're here and of course you could imagine restaurants like this during feeding time are going to be full."

Just like all 980 motel beds in this town, this is Chipola College’s tenth year hosting the tournament. The State Junior College Basketball Tournament runs March 9th-12th and a few teams from our area will be participating in it.