So Far, Gas Prices Have Not Had an Impact on Spring Break '05

The gas price hike couldn't come at a worst time. Spring break ’05 is well underway and the Emerald Coast is known for being a drive-destination.

The question this weekend is whether or not big jumps in the gas prices will deter spring breakers from coming to northwest Florida. Just in the last day gas prices jumped up at least 15 cents a gallon at many stations which normally have the cheapest prices.

But the hike doesn't seem to faze the college students we talked to here on spring break ‘05.

It cost a group of University of Michigan students about $300 to drive to Panama City Beach and back home, but many say they split the cost with friends, so driving ends up being the cheapest way to go if you split the cost.

Flying into the Panama City Airport will cost you more than $300 these days, so driving is significantly less, but these breakers say their friends at home may think twice about coming down later this month if prices continue to rise.