More of the World's Newest Fighters Arrive at Tyndall AFB

Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City has received another group of the world's most sophisticated fighter jets.

Five brand new F/A-22 Raptors touched down at Tyndall Friday afternoon. The five brings Tyndall's Raptor total to 18.

All of the jets are assigned to the 43 Fighter Squadron, which is the Air Force's only squadron designated to train pilots how to fly the $258 million jet.

These five aircraft won't be the last of the new Raptors Tyndall will receive. Five more will be arriving in the next several months. The next group of F/A-22s delivered should complete the 43rd Squadron at 23 jets.

Tyndall was scheduled to receive a second squadron of 23 Raptors, but at this point that appears unlikely because of proposed cuts in the program. The Pentagon is proposing the Air Force cut Raptor production in the 2006 budget to reduce government spending.