Major Simulated Under Water Test Underway at Local Navy Base

Your voice is squeaky, you have to think about breathing and you are stuck in a tube for 16 days, and they all chose to do it.

An all volunteer group of U.S. Navy experimental divers were locked into the Deer Ocean Simulation Chamber this weekend.

They will spend the next five days testing diving helmets and emergency breather backpacks. They are all in a simulated dive to 1,000 feet under water.

It has the same effects on the body as being far undersea, but the divers are actually in a chamber on land at the Naval Support Activity in Panama City.

Conditions in a relatively small pressurized chamber are very different than actually on the surface. There's no privacy. Even showers and bathroom breaks are watched by mission commanders thought closed circuit TV monitors.

It will only take five or six days for the actual testing of the Navy equipment. Then it will take 10 days to decompress before the chamber can be opened and the divers let out.

Because of the possible danger, two medical personnel joined the divers in the Ocean Simulation Chamber.